Sunday, 9 December 2012

Defending Warm-up (6-9)

Today we are discussing how to warm up for defending... This is a great way to warm up for defenders before going to play and perform in the field. Following is a way showed how to do the defending warm up.

In pairs, players pass back and forth. When one player within the pair puts the sole of their foot on the ball they must react and quickly move to close them down. After two seconds the defending player moves back to their original position and the sequence starts again.

Rather than stopping the ball with their foot, one player allows the ball to pass between their legs. The player who passed the ball moves quickly to close them down. This simulates defending against a player with their back to the goal. Allow the players to stop the ball with the sole of their foot or let it go between their legs; it is their decision.

Coaching Points:

  • React quickly to the actions of your partner
  • Long strides to start and as you get closer to your partner shorten steps
  • Touch tight
  • Knees bent and feet staggered, not flat or ball can be put between your legs
  • Weight toward your toes, on the balls of your feet
  • Pressure the ball quickly and get back to your original position quickly.