Wednesday, 12 December 2012

1v1 Defending(10-13)

Today we are discussing a defending technique for youth soccer players. This is known as 1v1 defending. The picture below is showing players positions and below the method is discussed to show how 1v1 defending is done. 


  • S1 serves the ball to S3 who controls and attacks the small goal
  • Goals can be scored by dribbling or passing through the small goal
  • As S1 passes to S3, D1 quickly comes out to defend the small goal
  • If D1 wins possession then play to S4 and sequence starts again

Coaching Points:

  • D1 moves quickly to close down S3 (can D1 meet S3 in their defending half?)
  • D1 bends their run to push S3 away from goal
  • D1 tackles when the opportunity arises

Progress by changing the goal to the opposite side of the field so players practice bending their run in each direction.

Player Rotation
S1 changes with S3
S3 changes with D1
D1 changes with S1