Saturday, 15 December 2012

1v1 Preventing an Opponent from Turning(10-13)

Today we are discussing a drill/technique for youth soccer players to prevent an opponent from turning. This drill is known as 1v1 Preventing an Opponent from Turning. The picture below is showing players positions and below the picture, the method is discussed to show how this drill should be practiced.

R3 passes to R2 and B2 prevents them from turning and scoring at the small goal. If R2 is successful they keep the ball and pass into R3 as B3 defends. If B2 wins possession game continues and B2 tries to score by dribbling or passing through the goal where R3 is standing. The game continues with B1 passing into B4. Progress by alternating between attacker and defender.

Coaching Points:
  • Touch tight to the attacker – should be able to extend your arm and touch the attacker
  • Defenders moves with the player to maintain the same distance
  • Do not allow the attacking player to turn and face up the defender
  • Time to make the tackle is when the attacking player is half turned and not protecting the ball with their body.
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