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Why Soccer is Important for Health

Soccer is one of the better forms of exercise. Its a game of near non-stop movement. You run slowly, you sprint and you use your entire body in running, jumping, kicking and heading the ball.
People of all ages can play soccer. There is no need of any particular equipment or specific tools to play soccer except a ball and an enough place to kick around. Soccer helps to maintain the body fitness and keep   you in shape. Playing soccer gives you fitness, strength, balance and flexibility..

How it helps you in your health and fitness?

Soccer is a kind of sport which is beneficial for you in many aspects. Due to the keen requirements of this game, soccer demands you to be aerobically fit, possess speed and agility and be able to perform short bursts of intense exercise. No matter whether you are a professional soccer player or a beginner, to perform well you must develop your body through training....

If your body is more muscular, the more will be your speed and power which is the most important part of the game. It will help you provide better game then other players. It can be achieved by using free weights, exercise machines and resistance bands etc.
But simply playing soccer will help you in a great way to build your physique, specially your lower muscles which you use frequently during matches for running, kicking and cornering....

Lets discuss about some of the muscles which develop and strengthen through soccer playing...


Soccer is a kind of sports that requires our body to perform deceleration and acceleration several times when playing. Research have shown that the eccentric contractions are very powerful for muscular hypertrophy or growth. Professional soccer players are well known for their immense and bulging quadriceps muscles. The quadriceps muscles develops playing soccer due to the amount of running jumping and kicking. The quadriceps muscles are very important in sprinting so soccer coaches also teaches other exercises which strengthen and build the quadriceps muscles which helps in playing soccer.


The psoas is a rope-like muscle located deep in the belly which runs obliquely from spine to femur. The psoas is joined at the hip, literally by the iliacus, which travels from hip to thigh. Together, they both make up the iliopsoas , the body's most powerful hip flexors.

Your psoas muscle is a part of group of muscles whose principal aim is to lift your leg toward your torso. Your repetitive kicking of a soccer ball will strengthen your psoas muscle and allows its muscular endurance which will increase in velocity to your kicks over time.


Dribbling, running and jumping, all contributes to develop your two calf muscles known as gastrocnemius and soleus muscles. Many exercises are available to develop your calves bigger and bulkier. While playing soccer, if you try to run on your toes, instead of your foot, it will help you to develop you calf muscles because if exerts direct force on your calf to balance your body during running on toes and to keep you body in specific position.


Some other benefits of soccer includes
  • It increases your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health.
  • It lowers your body fat and improves muscle tones.
  • It increases your muscle and bone's strength.
  • It improves your health due to shifts between walking, running and sprinting.
  • It helps you to increase skills in concentration, self discipline and persistence.
  • It provides you an opportunity to increase your confidence and self-esteem and helps you to reduce anxiety.


So if you people want to play soccer, keep these certain things in your mind to protect yourself from injury and prepare yourself to play soccer

  • Warm up your muscles for about 8-10 minutes before starting
  • Maintain your fitness and strength to play well and avoid injuries.
  • You must have plenty of fluids to hydrate yourselves after certain intervals of time.
  • Wear the correct protective equipment
  • Do not overdo it. It depends upon your age and physical structure.
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