Saturday, 15 September 2012

How to Improve Soccer Ball Control

Can you trap a ball? Probably. Can you trap a ball under pressure? Not sure. When controlling the ball, you should always a goal in mind knowing whether you will pass it to your team member, or dribble at a defender will affect what kind if thing is best.

Without precise ball control, how can you excel at the top levels of play? In fact, how can you excels in the lower levels too?

How to control the ball

There are two types of ball control, i-e receiving and trapping. Receiving means directing the ball into space away from the body whereas trapping involves stopping the ball right at your feet


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Receiving is useful when running to space. Try to make contact with the middle or top part of the ball. Tap it lightly in the direction that you want to go. Good soccer players can settle the ball into open space, even when they are under pressure. This often provides them an extra space over the defender.


Trapping is typically used when the ball is going too fast to redirect with your first touch. The most important part here is staying loose and on your toes. You cannot adjust to the ball when you are stiffed or flat-footed. Try keeping your hips open, facing the direction from where the ball is coming. Put you foot in the path of the ball and cushion it. To cushion the ball, gently withdraw your foot just before the time of contact.

So here is i'm going to share a video tutorial which should be kept doing for maximum improvement in controlling the ball.

By practicing like this, you will be able to know and realize the position of the ball, how it will fall on your foot and how much power you should use to handle the ball. Then it will also help improve your ball handling in long passes or passes which made from one side of the ground to another during matches.

It will be helpful in improving your skills and determining how you come over the ball and handle it in pressure situation.
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