Thursday, 13 September 2012

How to Pass a Soccer Ball Harder and Accurate

Well we have already seems many times even in our streets or in matches where players do this thing often i-e, THE SLOW or WEAK PASS.

This thing happens when we don't understand our positions, our strength or even we completely don't know sometimes how to pass correctly or accurately.

The loose pass often intercepted by the opponent and may cause serious problem for a team.

So right now i'm gonna show you a video tutorial on how to pass accurately a soccer ball with great power and from which part of your foot you should hit the ball and from which you do not

Things to remember

Somethings must kept in the mind while passing harder...
  • Hit the ball with your instep position, right from the joint of the ankle part of your foot.
  • Always lean forward if you want the ball to stay on the ground, taking your chest over the ball.
  • Lean backward if you want the ball to go to some height, according to the requirement, leaning your chest back from the ball.
  • Always place the non kicking foot next to the ball at relatively better distance.
  • Kick as lean as possible with little or no backspin to achieve a fast ball.

To kick a soccer ball harder, you need to develop more muscles in your leg. You can do this by lifting weights with your legs, doing squats, side lunges and other beneficial exercises