Monday, 11 March 2013

Arm PullBacks Tactic in Soccer

Arm pullback is when the lead player has position to reach and win the ball first and the trailing opponent reaches forward and grabs the lead player’s bicep and pulls him back. (FIGURE 1) 

This pullback stops the lead player’s forward movement and propels the trailing player around in front to win the ball. (FIGURE 2 – 4) One may ask why this cheating player isn’t called by the referee.

When the lead player is moving to the ball, he is leaning forward and when the trailing player pulls the lead player back, he only pulls him to an upright position which is just enough to stop the lead player in his tracks and pull the trailing player around into the lead. The trailing player lets go before the lead player falls backwards. This move happens so fast and there’s no jerk to indicate a foul that it is easily missed by referees. Plus the trailing player‘s body when he goes around the lead player can shield the referee or linesman from seeing this grab. (FIGURE 2) The lead player’s body can also shield the referee and linesman from seeing this grab depending on what angle they are observing the play.

The Germans Men’s World Cup team of 2005 was notorious for using this move, and they advanced far in the tournament with the help of this move. This move frustrated many opponents who had position to win the ball.

This technique is a perfect example of Newton law where you cannot destroy energy or force but merely redirect it. The force of the lead player’s forward movement is redirected into the trailing player when he pulls.

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