Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Ball Handler Senses A Defender Out Of Position

With the intense action and frantic movement of players competing near the ball, a ball handler doesn't always notice the instant an opportunity becomes available to beat his defender. When a defender is close to you and in hot pursuit of your ball, sense his movements so that the instant he strays slightly to one side of you or leans off balanced (Fig. 1), with one quick push of the ball and step forward you are beside him.

A defender doesn't realize that if you step beside him, he's as good as beaten. (fig. 2) So when a defender is close to you, look for the opportunity to step forward and be even with him.
A defender standing close to you can only contain you if he stays goal side out in front of you, not slightly to one side or the other.

If he becomes shaded to one side, step quickly forward because he will notice immediately that he's out of position. He will try to move back in front of you so step forward beside him before he can move back over in front of you. One more step and you’re ahead of him dribbling uncontested down the field. (Fig. 3)

The key to taking one step forward and beating your defender is if he's "close" to you. If you try to move forward to take advantage of a player who's slightly out of position but also a couple of steps out ahead of you, he can quickly recover over in front of you before you can get beside him.

Remember once you are even with your defender you have him beaten for the moment but you still need to dribble forward to leave him behind you. When you get ahead of him, step over in front of him to keep him behind you. (Fig. 3) Here you can shield the ball with your body and prevent him from coming up beside you and re-challenging you for the ball.

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