Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Offside’s Trap During Your Opponent’s Free Kick

Free kicks sometimes become dangerous for your defense as they are the most probable chances to score during a tough match. They are taken by the best players to create the best chances to score goals. To make them gone wasted, you should be able to create a space so that the best free kick can be wasted or declared an offside ball.... 
When the other team has a free kick that will land around your defensive third line, the defense should position its last line of defense where the ball will land. (Figure 1) To catch the opposing team off-sides, just before the kick the defense should sprint out of their end of the field and leave their offensive opponents alone behind them(Figure 2)

    The off-sides rule states, there needs to be two defensive players between the receiver and the goal at the time of the kick. The goalie is considered one of the two defensive players. If the defense pushes forward before the kick, then the offensive receiver remaining will be called off-sides at the time of the kick (Figure 2) and the defense will earn a free kick from the point where the receiver was called off-sides. 

A team leader like the sweeper in the last line of defense will need to call this play. Everyone back on defense will need to sprint forward on his call. If one defensive player hangs back during the play, the offensive receiver will not be called off-sides because there will be two defenders (this defensive player and the goalie) between the receiver and the goal at the time of the kick. Here the strength of your defense will be out of position sprinting forward rather than remaining back defending against your receiving opponents.

Once the ball leaves the kicker’s foot, the on-sided offense can make runs behind the defense to retrieve the ball. This is why it is important the defense push forward early before the kick is taken to catch the offense off-sides. The defense needs to be alert to the team leader’s play calling, but also the team leader doesn’t want to advertise the play to his opponents so they attempt to stay on-sides.
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